Tree Cafe, Moses Lake

At first glance, Tree Cafe may not seem like anything special. Their exterior is a little underwhelming, the words “Chinese Food” the only indication as to what lies beyond the front door. But despite its humble look, Tree Cafe is home to the best Chinese food I’ve been able to find on this side of the state.

Mongolian Beef 

I think part of the appeal, for me anyway, is the feelings of nostalgia I get whenever I visit Tree Cafe. You see, back on Guam, little mom and pop Asian restaurants like Tree Cafe are everywhere. And they’re always the same- from the simple signage out front, to the everyday tables and chairs inside, to little things like tons of house plants and artwork everywhere and serving soda in cans. And while they were always fairly inexpensive, they still always served the best food.

But it’s not all about nostalgia. I also love Tree Cafe because their food is freakin’ delicious. They’ve got the staples- General Tso’s Chicken, sweet and sour pork, Mongolian beef– and they do it well. Their chow mein is also to die for.

While their entrees are all wonderful, let’s talk about their homemade egg rolls for a minute. They are huge. And stuffed with all sorts of yummy meat and veggies. I mean just look at them. They are probably my favorite thing on the menu, and I don’t think there’s ever been a time where I haven’t added one on to my meal.


Tree Cafe makes for a nice quick lunch spot. Depending on how busy it is though, you might have to wait a while for your food. It seems like it’s just a husband and wife duo running the place. But trust me, the wait is so worth it. I suppose if you’re in a hurry you can always call ahead and place your order over the phone. Tree Cafe is also open til 9 on most nights, which makes figuring out what to eat for dinner a little easier.

Let me know if you’re a fan of Tree Cafe as well in the comments!



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  1. Kendra Brown says:

    Tree Cafe started as a mother-daughter Duo. It’s been a favorite spot of mine and my family for many years. I remember when they first opened and we always enjoy the food and the quiet spot. Back when Safeway here had really good Chinese food, the mother was the cook. And yes her homemade egg rolls… To die for!

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