Three fun places to get your drink (and grub) on while in Wenatchee

It’s crazy how true the saying “time flies when you’re having fun” really is. Cotey and I recently reached the three-year mark and it pretty much blew my mind when I thought about it. How did it feel like we had just went on our first date when in reality we’ve gone on hundreds? And didn’t we just have our first Christmas together? Weird. The past three years have just flown by, in the best way possible of course. So to celebrate, we decided to go to Wenatchee and make a nice weekend out of it. Wenatchee is only an hour away, but it was far enough to feel like we were successfully escaping town. Since it’s so close, neither of us have ever stayed in Wenatchee. We usually just went there for shopping, or to run other errands and then came right back home. So it was nice to go at a slower pace and really explore the city this time around. And by explore I mean eat and drink our way through it. You should know me by now! Here are a couple places we really enjoyed getting drinks and/or quick bites at. Check them out, or revisit them,  on your next trip to Wenatchee!


Rail Station and Ale House, 29 N Columbia St.


I can’t believe I had never been to the Rail Station and Ale House before this trip. Literally kicking myself for that. It’s tucked away a block down from Wenatchee Avenue, and it’s a breeze to get to. We stopped in for some drinks, although we will have to make it a point to eat there next time we’re in town. Their menu looked divine- I mean, homemade mac and cheese cast iron roasted in a wood oven? They got me with that alone. While the inside of their building was cool (be sure to check out their custom tap tower), we took our drinks outside to their beautiful patio overlooking the train tracks. You can’t ask for a better setting than that if you ask me. While there, be sure to try their handmade barrel mountain whiskey cider and their Rail a Rita, both of which they keep on tap!



Fire at Pybus Market, 7 N Worthen St.


We’ve been fans of Fire at Pybus Market since our first meal there. (click the link to see what we had then). They’re known for their wood fired pizzas, pasta dishes and artisan meats and cheeses. It’s also a great spot for drinks as they have a nice selection of local beer and wine. They can also whip you up a fun cocktail, like the Rum Punch pictured above. Pro tip: ask for a seat on their patio for views of the Apple Capital Loop Trail. While we had a full meal last time we visited, we opted for a quick drink and appetizer this time. It was the perfect start to date night! Be sure to check out some of the market vendors while you’re there too. We like D’Olivio (specialty balsamic vinegars and olive oils) and The Cheesemonger’s Shop.




Bob’s Classic Restaurant and Distillery, 110 2nd St.


Last but not least is Bob’s Classic. They make the cut simply for their amazing happy hour deals. And I mean AMAZING- like $2.99 margaritas kind of amazing. If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, happy hour also includes $1.99 wells and $4.59 Long Island Ice Teas (Cotey’s absolute favorite). Talk about a deal! Select appetizers also have special pricing during happy hour. We first stumbled upon Bob’s on a previous trip to Wenatchee. They’re located on the main drag, across from the Coast Hotel. You really can’t miss them as there is literally half a car sticking out of their roof. They’ve got happy hour from 2 to 6:30 p.m. on weekdays and all day on Sundays. You do have to sit in the bar area to take advantage of the specials though. If you stay for dinner, be sure to try their Tri-fecta burger, topped with bacon, ham, pepperjack cheese and 1000 Island dressing. So good!


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