Tales from the (Ale) Trail: St Brigid’s Brewery, Moses Lake

I’m not really one of those adventurer types, at least not in the Indiana Jones sense anyway. However, I do love a good quest- especially if it’s mainly indoors and involves beer. And/or food. That’s pretty much how the creators of the Inland Northwest Ale Trail got me. Their idea is simple, visit various craft breweries in the Inland Northwest and get your map stamped along the way. After your 12th stamp, you get a super cool 32 ounce mini growler to take home. Most of the 40 or so participating breweries serve food, or at the very least light snacks. Some even have food trucks on site. And a few offer live entertainment depending on the day you visit. It seemed like a good time to me so I decided to pack my things (figuratively) and hit the trail!


I knew my first stop had to be St. Brigid’s Brewery- not only because they’re just a few minutes from my house, but because I’ve known Tom and Whitney Wytko for a few years now. The Wytkos are teachers by day and beer brewers by night, which you have to admit is pretty cool! I first met them when they opened their tap room in Moses Lake back in 2013.  They had been brewing for a couple of years before that, but were mainly distributing to restaurants in town and taking their beer to different festivals around the region. They decided it was time to start having people come to them though and opened one of the most beautiful tap rooms I’ve seen. Their view of the lake alone is worth going for. One of the things I like about the tap room though is how cozy it feels in there. They’ve got a couple soft couches to lounge in and some board games to play. It’s a great place to catch a football game too! (I think Tom gives you bonus points if you’re a Washington State Cougar fan, just saying). They also occasionally host Trivia Night and in the summer, they have fun patio games like cornhole going on as well. It’s just a really fun place to be which adds to their appeal.


Of course, the main attraction is Tom’s delicious brews. My go-to is the TKO Amber Ale, although a close second is the seasonal Grapefruit Explosion. I’m a sucker for fruity ales and Tom does a great job with balancing the flavors in this one. You also have to give Stifler’s Mom a try (that’s what she said, right?). Stifler’s Mom is a blonde ale, with a lot of flavor, yet no bitterness. Tom and Whitney are great at helping you find the right beer though and won’t steer you in the wrong direction. St. Brigid’s also has some light appetizers such as pretzels, flatbreads and mozzarella sticks available. Tom is in the middle of expanding his kitchen so you can expect to see some heavier finger foods on the menu soon. I think he mentioned tacos last time I was in, which would be AMAZING I’m sure.

Although there are dozens of other breweries on the Ale Trail map to visit, St. Brigid’s is definitely one you don’t want to pass up.  Moses Lake is a small town and you really get that small town vibe when you’re there. Depending on the day you’ll either run into Tom or Whitney, or both of them! They’re really fun to talk to and they’ve got some great stories so be sure to sit and stay awhile!

One stamp down for me, eleven to go. Stay tuned to see where the Ale Trail takes me next!



St. Brigid’s Brewery

606 West Broadway, Suite C, Moses Lake, WA 98837

Wednesday- Saturday 3:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.


Inland Northwest Ale Trail



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