Five bartender approved cocktails for your next party

It seems that spring is finally here! Our lake has thawed, we’re getting more and more sunny days and I can finally walk outside without a jacket! At our house, the start of the spring season also signals the start of BBQ season. Our backyard is usually the place to be when it’s nice out. There’s nothing me and Cotey love more than hosting a good grilling session. We get to have fun in the kitchen and share that with our friends and family, all while enjoying our beautiful lake- it’s really a win, win. This year I turned to my good friend, and real life bartender, Iva to help me come up with some fun cocktails to serve at our various get togethers. She is amazing and shared five of her go to recipes with me. They are all so good! Have fun playing bartender at your next party with these drinks. And be sure to let me know your favorites in the comments!


What’s Kraken spiced rum mule:


I love me a good mule! Iva’s version calls for Kraken black spiced rum instead of vodka though, and it totally works. I especially like how the ginger beer isn’t the only thing you taste… the rum actually brings a nice rich finish to the drink. To make this mule, fill a copper mug (or whatever you have on hand) with ice. Add a shot and a half of Kraken spiced rum, juice from at least two lime slices and two or three fresh mint leaves to the mug. Muddle for a few seconds and then top with your favorite ginger beer (Iva swears by Fever Tree.)

Gin Basil Mule:


Another fun mule to try, but this time with gin. We used Bombay dry gin but you can use whatever your favorite is. I was a little skeptical when Iva told me we would be using basil in this drink, but I’m glad I trusted her on this one. Cotey and I usually keep a fresh basil plant in the kitchen and I love the aromas and flavors it produces in our dishes. Turns out basil is just as amazing in drinks! Fill your copper mug with ice and add one and a half shots of gin. Top it with juice from two slices of lime and fresh basil leaves and then muddle away. Top with ginger beer and enjoy!

Iva’s Vegas Water:


This is going to be my drink this summer, I can already tell. This recipe calls for lemons, limes, vodka and….water. No you read that right- plain ol’ H2O. I wasn’t sure about this recipe and I told Iva I didn’t want to feel like I was just drinking watered down vodka. But the good thing (or bad thing) about this recipe is that it tastes just like water– you can’t even taste the vodka. It’s super refreshing and you could use any type of vodka you like. You’ll need to add ice to a tall glass and muddle two slices lime and two slices lemon. Add a shot and a half of vodka (for this recipe we used a mini bottle of pineapple vodka) and fill the rest of the glass with water. That’s all it takes! Tell me that doesn’t taste just like water!

Basil Lemonade:

Here’s another really refreshing summer drink. All you need is two shots of gin, fresh basil leaves and your favorite lemonade. Pour ingredients over ice and you’ve got it made. You could shake things up by using pink lemonade or even trying this recipe with half lemonade and half iced tea.

Summer Edition: 


This drink is as refreshing as a glass of cucumber water, but way more fun! Fill a tall glass with ice and add two shots gin, juice from two slices lime and two slices of cucumber. Add fresh basil leaves and top with tonic water and a splash or two of ginger beer. Sit back and enjoy!


About the bartender:



Q How long have you been bartending?

— Three years but feels like forever!

Q What is your favorite part about the job?


Q What is your favorite drink to order when you’re out?

— Depends on where I go, but for sure a margarita. It’s classic.

Q What is the most annoying thing you can do as a customer at the bar?

— There’s nothing more annoying than people saying their drink isn’t strong enough. Maybe you should order a stronger drink or pay for a double.

Q What can you do to impress your bartender?

— Buy them food!

Q Favorite drink to make?

— Martinis. I love to shake, shake, shake!

Q Best place to have a drink in Moses Lake?

— Rocktop Burgers and Brew. They are consistent and have seasonal drink menus! I also like Simmer, they have infused liquor.


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