Ten Pin Brewing, Moses Lake

I first met the guys behind Ten Pin Brewing Co. back in 2013 when I was still writing for the Columbia Basin Herald. At the time, BJ and Jim were getting ready to serve their very first batch of craft beer to the public. They had a simple setup- four fermenters behind a see-through wall that they hoped would supply enough beer for customers of the attached bar, casino and bowling alley. It proved to be a smart move on their part as the brewery has seen a crazy amount of growth in the past four years. As a journalist, it’s pretty exciting to see someone you wrote about go on to experience such success.

2016-05-13 18.00.31-1

Ten Pin started with five brews on tap, and at the time you could only get them on site. Fast forward to today, and you can find Ten Pin beers in gas stations and grocery stores around the region. And almost every Moses Lake restaurant has one of their beers on tap at any given time. They’ve won numerous awards for some of their brews (in fact, three of their flagship beers won medals during the Washington Beer Awards their first year of brewing). And last year, Washington Beer Awards named Ten Pin the 2016 Small Brewery of the Year. You also can’t ignore the fact that they’ve grown out of their initial setup inside the casino. While they still brew there (mostly for in-house beers and seasonal releases)  most of their production now takes place in a separate warehouse just a few steps from the casino and bowling alley. Inside is a 7,500 barrel brewery- although they have the room to expand that to nearly 21,000 barrels. All of their bottling and labeling also takes place in the new warehouse. I got the chance to tour the new facility when it opened last year and it is beautiful!

2016-05-13 17.52.43-2
Brewmaster Jim Madden explains the fermentation process in their new facility

But of course Ten Pin wouldn’t be where it is today without the beer itself. And let me tell you, it’s some amazing beer. They found a gem in brewmaster Jim Madden. His first lineup of beers back in 2013 were very solid- I was a fan of their Brooklyn Blonde and their dark Snake Eye Stout is still a popular brew today.  But Jim has really evolved and brought a lot of fun beers to Moses Lake. One of my favorites right now is the Ten Pin Tripel which is a Belgian style pale ale (but strong!). There is so much flavor going on with the Tripel. It’s both fruity and spicy and Jim added some cherrywood smoked malt to the mix to make it his own. It’s definitely become one of my go to beers at Ten Pin. I’ve made a list of a few of my other favorites that I think everyone should try!

Ten Pin Tripel
The best way to sample Ten Pin brews!


Groove Pineapple Wheat:

This is another favorite of mine. I LOVE pineapple! You get so much pineapple flavor with this brew yet it’s not overwhelming. This refreshing beer was the result of a collaboration between Ten Pin and local band Dimestore Prophets. This is the perfect beer for summer.

2016-05-13 17.24.39-2

Gose (pronounced Go-suh) Buster:

This is one of the beers I wasn’t sure I would like at first. Gose is an old German style beer, unfiltered and typically made with at least 50 percent malted wheat. Gose is pretty tart, but don’t let that scare you. The sour is balanced out with some salt and herbal notes.  Ten Pin also had at one point a cherry Gose which was absolutely delicious. Be on the lookout for flavored Gose brews!

Dix Goupille Rye Saison:

I shorten this to just Rye Saison as I can’t pronounce the entire name. I tried this beer  for the first time the other week and I was pretty impressed. It’s a Belgian farmhouse ale that has hints of pepper and banana. Jim also uses malted rye in this brew. Try this one first if you’re sampling others and you’ll really be able to appreciate the flavors.

Barmaid Blonde:

The Barmaid Blonde is a great choice as it’s light and super refreshing. It’s easy to drink and is one of Ten Pin’s more popular brews. Jim uses a mix of American and German barley malts. For those that love everything local, hops for this beer come from Yakima!


Thinking about it, you can’t really go wrong with any Ten Pin brews. Sure everyone has different preferences, but the beers are so well made that it’s worth at least trying even if you think it wouldn’t be up your alley. Some of my favorites are beers that description wise I would never have thought to even try. So go give their beers a shot and share your favorites with me!

Ten Pin Brewing Co.



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