Three ways to reinvent your Christmas leftovers

Another Christmas has come and gone. Saying this makes me a little sad because it was one of those Christmases where you think, this has to have been the best Christmas ever. It was definitely one of the most memorable ones for us. For one, our table was a little bigger this year. Cotey’s mom and nephew moved up from California this month and it was so much fun to have them here for the holidays. It’s been years since she’s had Christmas with her kids, something I can relate to. I don’t think I’ve spent actual Christmas with my parents at home since 2010. Seems crazy, but when you live thousands of miles away that’s sometimes the reality. So I can imagine just how special this Christmas was for my mother in law.  This year was also the first year we volunteered to host Christmas dinner at our house. It was a lot of work, but luckily Cotey has experience cooking for a crowd.  Although I do think  we need a second oven if we want to attempt another large scale meal. But regardless, Santa  delivered on the presents, and Cotey delivered on the food.


From our breakfast of Strawberry stuffed French Toast to our incredible dinner spread, no one went hungry. I mean look at all of that food…(I’m starting to salivate again while editing my pictures, dang it).



I’m sure you can already guess that we ended up with more food than we really needed. After all, it’s a story that unfolds in almost every house each Christmas. And no matter how much food you send home with everyone, there’s always a ton of leftovers in the fridge the next day. Which is not a bad thing by any means.  I personally love leftovers. So does Cotey, but only sort of. He enjoys leftovers but doesn’t like to eat the same meal back to back, which I can understand. He looks at leftovers and challenges himself to make something different out of them. We spent the next day using our Christmas dinner leftovers in new, and delicious, ways. Give one or all of our hacks a try!

Brunch: Leftover skillet scramble 

There is no way you can mess this one up. Trust me. Take your leftovers and throw it in a skillet and toss until ingredients are combined. Serve over roasted potatoes or in a warm tortilla. Leftovers that would do well in this dish? Ham, candied yams, stuffing, cheese and onions.

Dinner: Prime rib dip sandwiches 


We took our Christmas prime rib roast, put it on bread and added melted cheese on top. If that’s not a recipe for amazingness, I don’t know what else is. For this sandwich, we used a sourdough hoagie roll and topped it with bleu cheese crumbles. You could easily adapt it to fit your preferences though. Not a fan of bleu cheese? Sub it out for some pepperjack instead. Assemble your sandwich and toss it in the oven at 350 degrees until your cheese is melted and your bread starts to toast. Don’t forget the au jus dipping sauce!



Dessert: Pie Milkshakes

The holidays have a way of making everyone a pie person. From pumpkin to pecan, pie is everywhere! There’s nothing quite like leftover pie. But you don’t have to commit to just eating it over the next few days. Switch things up by making a drinkable version. Blend one slice of pie, one cup of milk and two cups of vanilla ice cream together. I like Tillamook’s old fashioned vanilla myself. Pour into two glasses and garnish with some whipped cream and a cherry. This year we had pumpkin pie and my mother in law’s Million Dollar pie on our dessert table. Yum! I can’t wait to turn them into shakes!


From our house to yours, we hope you had the merriest Christmas!
















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  1. Dad says:

    Christmas always goes better when surrounded by family, and the more, the better!


  2. A Hearty Nomad says:

    I shouldn’t be reading your blog now, I’m starving and all the food pics just make it worse.

    Liked by 1 person

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