Happy stomach, happy wallet

You should never have to sacrifice quality for a little savings, especially when it comes to food. Cheap eats should also be great eats, something the Pillar Rock Grill in Moses Lake has caught on to. The restaurant is located in the clubhouse at the Moses Lake Golf Club and seems like the last place you would be able to get a meal for under ten bucks. But I’m here to tell you otherwise my friends! (Your wallets can thank me later.) Pillar Rock Grill is now home to the $8 dollar breakfast, something they started this past Spring. Yes, you heard that right. Their entire breakfast menu is just a measly eight bucks. Which leaves some extra cash for fun things like drinks to go with your breakfast. Mimosas anyone? Here are some of my favorites from their breakfast menu.

Eggs Benedict


This breakfast classic is classic for a reason. You get a piece of soft English Muffin, ham, a perfectly poached egg and a super rich Hollandaise sauce with each bite. What’s not to love?


Blueberry cream cheese stuffed French Toast


Ok, this one is technically $9.50. The traditional French Toast plate is $8 but I opted to have it stuffed with fresh blueberries and cream cheese, which is so worth the tiny upcharge. You can also get it stuffed with a fruit cobbler and cream cheese. Their pancake and waffle platters work the same way. Get it plain and it’s only $8, but opt for toppings and you pay a buck fifty more. And their toppings just sound divine- I mean, apple caramel pancakes? I’m drooling! Another one of my go to’s is their banana walnut waffle.


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Pillar Rock Breakfast 

This is Cotey’s usual. You get eggs and your choice of ham, sausage, german sausage or bacon. You then get to choose between fried potatoes and hash browns. One of the reasons he goes for this  time and time again is that the kitchen does not skimp on their meat portions. They also use quality meats which will please any meat lover.



This dish will keep you full all day. It’s a scramble of German sausage, onions, peppers, potatoes, eggs and (wait for it) cream cheese. It all blends together perfectly in your mouth. It’s rich and creamy an overall, very hearty. I usually end up taking a lot of it home with me.

Check out the rest of their breakfast menu here.


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  1. Kendra & Albert says:

    Enjoy reading your blogs and getting to know which restaurants we still need to try!


  2. Juli says:

    I think I need that French toast!!!!


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