Brunch in Moses Lake

If you’re like me, you know #brunchgoals is a very serious thing. If you eat a meal between the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. during the regular work week, you either had a late breakfast, an early lunch or just lunch. But on the weekends, you get to say you had brunch. And that my friends, is a pretty neat thing. While breakfast and lunch are both great meals, brunch takes things to the next level. With brunch you can get more complex, and often more decadent, with your food. We’re talking more savory breakfast foods and lighter, sweeter lunch items. What’s not to love? My definition of a great weekend usually begins and ends with brunch, whether it’s at home or out and about.

One of my go to brunch spots these days is Simmer, which is really a nice little gem of a restaurant in this town. Simmer opened last Spring and already has quite a following. They draw supporters of local agriculture as much of their food inventory comes from farms in the immediate area. Think Tonnemaker Farms in Royal City or Pure Country Pork in Ephrata. Foodies also seem to flock to Simmer, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Their space is small, but intimate. Their menu is just as small, but the dishes really show the kitchen’s creativity and are practically works of art once plated. The restaurant has always been worth a visit for lunch and dinner, but now they are a must for brunch too.



If you’re a traditionalist, they serve the basics— buttermilk biscuits and gravy and steak and eggs. Those probably do not disappoint. But then, as any good brunch spot should do, they take the basics and give them a little facelift. Shrimp and girts anyone, or fried chicken and waffles? On my last visit I gave their pork belly and sweet potato dish a shot. The pork belly was incredibly tender with  a hint of sweetness that I later discovered came from their homemade spiced honey sauce. They sat the pork belly on a bed of sweet potatoes and grilled onions and peppers and topped it with a poached egg. Are you drooling yet? I haven’t even told you about their fruit french toast. They use raisin bread and top it with whatever fruit is in season. Mine had peaches, which is one of my favorite fruits anyway so I definitely scored that day. It was simple, but they didn’t skimp on the fruit which I appreciated. Their bartender also makes a good mimosa which went well with both dishes. But let’s be honest, mimosas go with all brunch food right?


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  1. Your pictures make me so hungry!!


    1. Thank you! I always get hungry when I go to post them


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