The new watering hole

Moses Hole has quickly become one of my favorite drinking spots in town. The bar opened at the end of May in the old Strange Club, or the old Saucy Hog for you fans of nostalgia. But it looks nothing like the previous establishments. The new owners put in a lot of work to update the floors, the wood paneling on the walls and completely switch up the color schemes. And the bar, the beautiful copper trimmed bar atop whiskey barrels, is quite the sight!

Truth be told, I was won over opening weekend when I walked in to find a bottomless Bloody Mary and Mimosa bar. I’m not sure if that will make another appearance down the road, but it definitely doesn’t matter. They keep the bar stocked with all the essentials (think vodka, tequila and whiskey, make that a lot of whiskey) and they have a variety of beers and hard ciders on tap.

But Moses Hole has more going for it than just their drinks. I’ve been in a handful of times since they opened and there always seems to be something happening. They’re constantly bringing in live music acts and hosting whiskey or cider tastings. And they certainly know how to have fun, I mean themed dance parties anyone? Yes please. Don’t let me forget about the time they brought in a mechanical bull either. One of the things I like about the place is that even in the middle of all that activity, you can still manage to sit back and relax. Retreat to one of the plush couches in the quieter back room, or step outside on their patio where you can carry a conversation and still hear what’s going on inside. I love places like that, where you can be as in the middle of everything as you want or as removed from it as you like. That vibe is right up my alley.

If you’re looking for a new watering hole, give the new Moses Hole a shot. I for one am I glad I did.


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